What can one say about MTV’s newest offering, Pimp My Ride.

Genius, pure genius.

The title alone warrants a viewing. Pimp My Ride is like Trading Spaces for cars, except you replace Paige Davis with “Pimp Master of Ceremonies” Xzibit (Natch.) Also, I don’t think you’ll see any fat, white, middle-aged housewives wearing matching smocks participating in this show any time soon.

For someone who knows very little about 22-inch Asanti rims and exactly where I should place my rear seat DVD viewing system, this show is not only entertaining, but I learn a little something along the way. This is exactly why I think the program can make a nice transition onto the Discovery Channel after it’s mandatory six month shelf life at MTV runs out.

“Coming up tonight on the Discovery Channel, The Seven Ancient Wonders of Rome followed by Pimp my Ride. In tonight’s episode Alicia’s saggin’ and draggin’ hooptie is tricked-out in style….”

Finally, Kudos to MTV for finally attaching the word “Pimp” to one of their shows. They’ve been trying to work it in ever since the producers of the Real World Las Vegas rejected the proposed title “Real World Season 12: Now We Straight Out Pimpin”


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