Let me preface this post by saying that I’m not knocking Oprah here, lest she get all litigious like those ornery beef-loving cowboys in Texas. In retrospect that worked out okay for both sides, didn’t it? Oprah was able to add another signature fist-pumping victory to her already life-affirmation packed resume, and with Atkins-mania sweeping the nation, isn’t beef still ‘What’s for Dinner?’

Always one to pass along to others the lesson of, “with great power comes great responsibility,”…. wait…. no that’s Spiderman. Anyway, always one to teach us by example the “right” thing to do, Oprah showed up for jury duty this week and promptly got selected for a murder trial.

Remind me again of whom Ms. Winfrey is a peer?

The only person I can think of is Merv Griffin, and he hasn’t had anyone whacked since he moved his operations to Tahoe.


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