Biodegradable Delicates

Are you tired of wearing that same old pair of underwear day after day after day? Did you ever wish you could live the decadent devil-may-care undergarment lives of celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Tara Reid? Well now you too can abandon your underthings anywhere, anytime with nothing more to worry about other than whether this evening’s paramour just secretly recorded any after-date activities on his T-Mobile Sidekick!

Enter OneDerWear, the one-time-use 100% disposable cotton underwear. Besides having the best underwear themed brand name since Underoos*, OneDerWear is also tailor-made for today’s active lifestyles. According to its official web site,

“OneDerWear is great for any situation where washing underwear is either inconvenient or impossible.”

Practical applications include hiking trips, overseas travel, or club-hopping with Lindsay Lohan.

Don’t worry ladies, with the introduction of their disposable thong, the fine folks at OneDerWear made sure all of your superflous undergarment needs are being met.

*Underoos are the official underwear that are also, through no fault of their own, fun to wear.


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