Always Read the Label Before Purchasing

Earlier this week, my wife came to visit me at my workplace. Since the last time she was in my office several months ago, I’ve upgraded to a sweet dual 19″ monitor setup.The following conversation ensued:

Her: Whoah!

Me: “What?”

Her: “Are they both yours?”

Me (Getting excited now): “Absolutely! With the increased desktop space I’ve really amped up my productivity!”

Then I saw the look on her face I’ve seen countless times in the five years since we’ve been married. It’s the look of someone who has once again had a cold reality smack her square in the face.

It’s the stark realization that no matter how normal your husband may appear outwardly… you must face the fact that you married a huge, huge nerd.


Many people have tried to accurately capture the essence that is Brian, but this much is known to be true: he has dutifully paid the hosting bill for since 2001.

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