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Many people have tried to accurately capture the essence that is Brian, but this much is known to be true: he has dutifully paid the hosting bill for Ranzino.com since 2001.


  1. I visited expecting Oscar predictions. I just said to Jenne ” of all my friends, Brian Evans is the most likely to host an Oscarparty. If he liked enough people to invite over to constitute a party.”

  2. I’m not sure I would ever have an Oscar party. Maybe if the party consisted of a group of people who waited with baited breath for another bon mot of dry commentary from me, such as how with each passing year Cameron Diaz looks more and more like Jack Nicholson’s rendition of the Joker.

    Alas, I doubt I will even know enough of those type of people to constitute a “party” per se. I’ll just stick to dominating the Oscar pool.

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