Just Peanuts, Nothing Else

Just Peanuts, Nothing Else, originally uploaded by ranzino.

“What came with these?”


“The peanuts.”

“Oh those!”

“Yes, the ones that are all over the floor.”

“Nothing, it’s just a box peanuts.”

“You ordered and received by shipment from UPS a box of just shipping peanuts?”

“Yes… But coincidentally… they also came with a battery grip quite unexpectedly.”

“I see. How much does a box of shipping peanuts cost these days?”

“Hmmmmm, I hear ones without the battery grip accesory are considerably cheaper. I’ll have to consider those next time.”


Many people have tried to accurately capture the essence that is Brian, but this much is known to be true: he has dutifully paid the hosting bill for Ranzino.com since 2001.

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