Who Needs a Restroom Attendent Anyway?

F U D G E, originally uploaded by ranzino.

One day, if I’m blessed, a long time from now, when my time has come and friends, family and admirers have come together to memorialize my life, it is my fondest wish that some of the greatest achievements of my life will be relayed to the gathered crowd.

Beyond stories about raising a happy family, achieving a successful and rewarding professional career and a legacy of service to the communities in which I resided, it is my sincere desire that people will also speak of the utmost of my proudest achievements.

In my hope of hopes I wish someone, In hushed tones, will regale the gathered throng with the tale of the time I successfully changed my 2-year-old son’s filled-to-the-brim diaper while constrained in a 2 foot by 2 foot stall in the “courtesy station” on the Wildwood Boardwalk.


Many people have tried to accurately capture the essence that is Brian, but this much is known to be true: he has dutifully paid the hosting bill for Ranzino.com since 2001.


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