With the NHL headed towards an extended lockout, I have one primary concern. Exactly how will Eric Lindros go about suffering his yearly concussion?

The Lindros concussion has become an annual event much like the turning of the leaves or the first flake of snow. You don’t know exactly when any of these events are coming, but it’s a lock that sooner or later it’s going to happen.

Lindros’ medical malady marks a certain time of year in much the same way the arrival of the first crisp morning requiring an overcoat ushers in the fall. In a rapidly-evolving world, Lindros’ wobbly noggin is a comforting reassurance that some things just never change.

During this unscheduled downtime maybe Eric will partake in some rough pick-up basketball or perhaps he’ll get involved in some light carpentry involving a lackadaisical sidekick and some 2 x 4’s. Just because he’s not having any fun, doesn’t mean we all have to suffer.