The debate over personal privacy is raging in our nation. Whether it’s about the legality of NSA wiretaps, the creation of a secret government database chronicling every U.S. citizen’s actions, or talk of whether it’s any of our business if Britney drove off in her Mercedes with K-Fed’s progeny restrained only by her well-toned thighs… there’s much to discuss.

In the spirit of this debate, I feel that it’s important for me to get some of the embarrassing details of my life officially on the record. This way, the government can never say I wasn’t totally forthcoming if I ever decide to apply for a job at the my local Post Office or get nominated for a post at FEMA.There are some things I’d rather you hear straight from me:

I once purchased the Nelson CD, After the Rain at a local Wall of Sound.Originally claiming it was a gift for my girlfriend, I subsequently kept it for myself. Later, like Judas, I betrayed Gunnar and Matthew when I was questioned about the CD by a friend who was perusing my music collection. I claimed I had “never seen that CD before in my life,” and had “no idea” where it came from.

So now you know, it’s all out on the table.