If you’re not quite sure what Ranzino.com is all about, well, join the club.

However, if you want to invest some of your precious time and energy into finding out what kind of posts are typical around here, please feel free to peruse these not-so-random sampling of posts.

Naturally the following posts were first ordered by the Bliss Bibliographic Classification System, but then I didn’t like the way they looked. I eventually settled on ordering them from most to least obligatory doughnut references.

  1. The Drive Thru Window to My Soul
    A chronicle of my forbidden love with a fast food chain.
  2. A Conversational Email Filter for Microsoft Outlook
    Your guide to my Inbox.
  3. A Dispatch to My Wife Justifying the Purchase and Display of My New Truck Nutz
    A written plea to defend a novelty purchase.
  4. Shoes, Photography, and Health Care
    A tale of making pictures and punctures.
  5. A Parent’s Primer for Children’s Board Games: Candy Land
    Your guide to surviving what could potentially be 3 grueling hours of monotony.
  6. Anger Management
    20% funnier than the movie of the same name (with 100% less exposure to a cross-dressing Woody Harrelson.)
  7. Summer Movie Preview 2004!
    Relive the box office glory of summers gone by! Or, you know, just skip it.
  8. The Cupholder Killer
    One of the first posts I marginally liked, and plus it has a nifty picture.
  9. 4 Hour Work Day
    My life vs. the life of an NFL football player.
  10. Help Feed Martha
    Martha Stewart goes to jail – the State of Connecticut suddenly has a doily surplus.
  11. Super (Market) Dad
    The adventures of parenthood continue.
  12. It’s “Wine Spectator” You Idiot
    I love imagining conversations with inanimate objects.
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  • Sandy Evans
    Sep 29, 2015 Reply

    I was just wondering why you chose to name your website Ranzino.com? Ranzino is my maiden name and I did a search on the history of the last name and your website came up, so I decided to check it out . . . Maybe a relative? Then when I saw that your last name is Evans (my current last name since I married my husband 31 years ago), I just had to ask! Your pictures are very beautiful!

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