Growing up with asthma, I generally considered my trusty inhaler a valuable commodity. Even at a young age, I was able to draw the correlation between using my inhaler and the subsequent ability to breath clearly again.

Children catch on to these types of things pretty fast.

That’s why childhood strategies in punishing our parents revolved around holding our breath instead of much more effective means of torture, such as putting on Michael Bolton records or demanding to see video tapes of grown men in dinosaur costumes singing bastardized versions of nursery rhymes amidst a variety of Stepford children.

We knew how important breathing was.

My results may be atypical though. Apparently, for some children taking an inhaler can be somewhat traumatic. That’s where the good folks over at InfaMed Inc. step in. InfaMed (whose Patch-Adamsy motto is “Where good fun is great medicine.”) has developed a revolutionary new product, the Funhaler.

Judging by the looks of it, the Funhaler should not only help frightened children take their medicine more effectively, it should also ease the natural awkwardness that comes along with attending that very first frat party during their college years.