The 48th Annual Grammy Awards airs tonight on CBS.

Yeah, I don’t care either. If you continue to insist on not watching Veronica Mars instead (as most of you stubbornly continue to do) keep your eye out for the winner of one of the most important categories in the Grammy-verse: Best Polka Album.

Can Jimmy Sturr And His Orchestra continue their Grammy dominance, or is this the year young upstarts Eddie Blazonczyk and his Versatones finally break through?

I love any genre whose groupies consist mostly of 90 pound, 68 year-old, Lithuanian women who dance with one another on public access television.Some other random Grammy news & notes:

  1. Competing against one another in the Best Spoken Word Album category: Garrison Keillor, Al Franken, Sean Penn, Senator Barack Obama, and George Carlin. I see how it is. Now it’s crystal clear why the audiotape for The O’Reilly Factor for Kids didn’t get a nod.
  2. Best Comedy Album noms went to Larry the Cable Guy and the creator of the Family Guy. Bill Cosby must be rolling over in his grave… I’m sorry…what’s that…
  3. The “I’m Not Completely Out of Touch Yet Award” goes to… me, because I actually think I might have heard second-hand about one of the Best New Artist nominees. Fall Out Boy. I think they do a hybrid of Polka and Ska with a little gangsta rap mixed in. Jimmy Sturr better watch his back.