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Happy Halloween

Here are the list of kids whose costumes’ mandate that I not give them candy tomorrow…

Halloween Week on

It’s Halloween season here on and we’ll be celebrating this manufactured non-holiday by posting some…

#1 Dad

Happy Father’s Day Dad. You’re the best.

The Flags

Happy Memorial Day everyone.


Downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Candy Corn

With Halloween coming up next month, you may soon be venturing out to your local mega-duper-costco-plex…

Tango, Charlie, Blitzen, Echo, Donner, Over

This Christmas Eve, for the fiftieth-straight year, NORAD is tracking the progress of a flying red-suited…

Bringin’ the Holiday Lumber

Am I the only person in America who would like to see someone bust in from…

Keebler Roulette

Is there a worse holiday season phenomenon than the anxiety caused by trying to select the…