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#1 Dad

Happy Father’s Day Dad. You’re the best.

Bashing Stereotypes

In Lancaster County, cops don’t eat donuts… they eat pretzels… made by the Amish… who are…

The Flags

Happy Memorial Day everyone.


As a kid, when no one was looking, I used to pour “Sugar in the Raw”…

“Pork Chops and Applesauce”

I’ve got to admit… I dig on swine baby.

I Also Say “Whipper-Snapper” More Often Than Someone My Age Should

Confession time. I like things that are “old time-y.” If it looks like something Roger Miller…

It’s the Details That End Up Getting You

Because I’m a man, from time to time, I like to compete. I don’t know for…


Easter [ee | ster ] – noun Happy Easter everyone.

Caution: Close Side Clearance

I’ve thought about it for awhile, and I’m still not quite sure what this sign means….