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Anthropomorphic Identity Crisis

Child malapropisms. They’re one of the few true joys of parenthood. 

Lost in Translation

‘ “No, I have no idea what he’s talking about. He keeps babbling on about something…

Power Trip

“Yeah it’s a Galactic Empire standard issue BlasTech E-11.  I can’t seem to hit crap with…

SpongeBob, Behind the Green Door… at the Krusty Krab

The following is the best dinner-time discussion my son and I have had in weeks. Me:…

Friggin’ Chutes

Most… tedious… children’s…. game…. EVER. I have no idea what she’s smiling about.


At the The Children’s Museum in Bloomsburg, PA.

So We Got a WonderWheel Instead

Recently, my son and I were in our van leaving the parking lot of the grocery…

Noah, I Am Your Father

For those last minute shoppers looking for the perfect holiday gift to bestow upon certain un-named…

Next Item… The Gold-Plated Pikachu

Nothing says “I’m compensating for my crappy childhood,” quite like dropping 100 large on a platinum…