I was at a Blockbuster Video for the first time in ages yesterday. You see, having an infant reeks havoc with your dedication to watching the latest and greatest tinsletown has to offer.

(Sigh, goodbye Netflix, we hardly knew ye!)

Looking through the New Releases I noticed the cover for the Ashton Kutcher vehicle ‘My Boss’s Daughter had been covered with newly altered text. It now read “The Version You Didn’t See in Theaters.”

Now I know the additional verbage was most likely touting the fact that this clunker now included some more T & A that had hit the cutting room floor to warrant a teen-friendly PG-13 rated theatrical release, but to me the proclomation seemed redundant.

For a movie that pulled in a whopping 15 mill total at the box office, wouldn’t saying ‘the version you didn’t see in theaters’ really apply to almost everyone?

Business Data for My Boss’s Daughter (2003)