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Lost in Translation

‘ “No, I have no idea what he’s talking about. He keeps babbling on about something…

Power Trip

“Yeah it’s a Galactic Empire standard issue BlasTech E-11.  I can’t seem to hit crap with…

Gelati Girl

Name:Gelati Girl Age:Wouldn’t you like to know 😉 Looking for:Friendship and maybe more Turn-Ons: Turn-Offs:

Jebediah and Sarah Have a Talk

“Yeah… so… this be awkward… but the doctor said it can flare up about once a…

Fireworks in Lititz

Somehow, fireworks were never all that cool to me… until I could take pictures of them…

Enter The Frogmen

When my father warned me against taking that quickie loan from Kermit, I asked myself, “What’s…

#1 Dad

Happy Father’s Day Dad. You’re the best.

Bashing Stereotypes

In Lancaster County, cops don’t eat donuts… they eat pretzels… made by the Amish… who are…

The Flags

Happy Memorial Day everyone.

Happy 2nd

Happy birthday buddy. Two years can go by so quickly. Love,Your Dad