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As a kid, when no one was looking, I used to pour “Sugar in the Raw”…

“Pork Chops and Applesauce”

I’ve got to admit… I dig on swine baby.

I Also Say “Whipper-Snapper” More Often Than Someone My Age Should

Confession time. I like things that are “old time-y.” If it looks like something Roger Miller…

It’s the Details That End Up Getting You

Because I’m a man, from time to time, I like to compete. I don’t know for…


Easter [ee | ster ] – noun Happy Easter everyone.

Caution: Close Side Clearance

I’ve thought about it for awhile, and I’m still not quite sure what this sign means….


Spring… I can smell it coming around the corner… Literally. In Lancaster County, spring is when…

M and an additional M

Remember when getting a green M&M meant something special? No… wait… me neither.

Jingle Rain

Only 11 more shopping days left until you ultimately disappoint and alienate most of your friends…