A few notes from my marathon week of daytime television viewing.

I love the Price is Right. Where else in the world can military personnel, college students, and the elderly get along so famously? Plus, there’s Plinko.

C’mon, admit it… you dig Plinko. The thought occurred to me, of course some nostalgic nerd had to post a flash-based version of this Bob Barker staple on the web. I didn’t find a flash version, but there are plenty of crude Plinko-probability mock ups, not the least of which can be found here.

Honestly, doesn’t the math department at Dartmouth have better things to do on weekdays from 11 to 12?

A ‘We All Get Older’ moment. Watching the Beastie Boys perform at the MTV Movie Awards, I couldn’t help but notice that one of the boy-z looked eerily similar to the middle-aged man who prepared my taxes this year.

You’ve got to fight, for your right, to audit.