A new daytime talker, The Tony Danza Show, premieres nationwide today. Tony’s production staff has released some of the topics and guests we can expect to see on his upcoming shows:

  • Special Guest – Judd Hirsch stops by for a stark reminder of how old we’re getting.
  • Brainstorming your new sitcom character names? Look no further than your own birth certificate!
  • Riga-Tony Tuesday!
  • My connection to the Monkees! Here’s a hint: think hot chick from She’s Out of Control!
  • Danny Pintauro: Like we couldn’t tell
  • Career options for actors that can’t even get parts in ABC Family movies anymore.
  • A touching cast reunion of the timeless classic: Meet Wally Sparks
  • The “Tony” Awards: Every Friday we’ll look back on a great sitcom character named “Tony” throughout TV history.
  • A rare daylight appearance of Katherine Helmond.