Debra Messing, star of NBC’s sitcom Will & Grace, is throwing her hat into the lead actress in a romantic screen comedy ring. Sure, Messing has appeared in other big-screen classics such as McHale’s Navy, and….. uh…. well did I already mention McHale’s Navy? Regardless, this is Messing’s first foray into the world of film headlining.

Why shouldn’t she take the jump? The transition has worked out so well for other gigantic sitcom stars in the past. Who can forget Roseanne Bar in She-Devil, Ray Romano in Welcome to Mooseport, or Tim Allen in any non-Christmas themed movie he’s ever been in? And what child who came of age during the late 80’s can’t remember hunkering down at the cineplex to take in a double-header matinee of Leonard Part 6 and Ghost Dad starring the venerable Bill Cosby.

Although it’s a forgone conclusion this is a slam dunk career move, if for some reason this doesn’t work out (say a natural disaster occurs on the day of the movie’s release), Debra can always come back and star in another hit sitcom. Hey, if it worked for the cast of Seinfeld, she can do it too!