If 10 years ago, you would have suggested to me a movie directed by the fat guy from Swingers starring Robert Downey Jr. posing as a second-tier Marvel Comics character would beat the pants off a Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Harrison Ford collaboration, I probably would have called you a damn dirty liar.

If you also would have told me that the movie in question would also be an Indiana Jones movie, I probably would have stopped talking to you. Not right then and there of course, but little by little we would hang out less and less until you realized that I found your presence in my life as unnecessary as the token men sitting in an Oprah studio audience.

Passive aggressive, that’s the way I roll.

This is how far we’ve come. Two men (I’m giving Harrison a pass here) I trusted implicitly with my entertainment dollar two decades ago, now cannot produce something that is in the league to sniff the sweaty Ultimate Fighting Championship t-shirt of a director whose major film helming credits include a Will Ferrell movie and a sequel to Jumanji.