Tim McCarver just said if the Red Sox win the seventh and deciding game of the American League Championship Series (as I write this it’s the top of the 9th) he wouldn’t put the comeback “in the miraculous category.”

Holy crap Tim, what the F do you want? Would “miraculous” only come in to play if the corpse of Ty Cobb resurrected itself, insulted 4 minorities on the way to the ballpark, and hit an inside the park home run where he cleated the opposing catcher to win the deciding game of the World Series? Would that be miraculous enough for you Tim? Man I hate that guy.

NO OTHER TEAM IN BASEBALL HAS COME FROM AN 0-3 DEFICIT TO WIN A PLAYOFF SERIES……EVER. I may not be a baseball expert (The fact that I’m a Philadelphia Phillies fan hurts me in this respect) but I’m pretty sure they’ve been playing the sport for OVER ONE HUNDRED YEARS. Events that happen less frequently than World Wars would qualify in some books as rare.

Does Tim, who has never known the bounds of hyperbole before…no it’s not even fair to say that. McCarver’s grasp on hyperbole makes Bill Walton’s NBA commentary seem like play-by-play for the Westminster Dog Show. Regardless, given that McCarver is usually prone to overstatement, can the fact that he does not give the Red Sox their due in this instance mark him once and for all as being the ultimate Yankee apologist? Can it be more obvious?

I’d rather listen to our President attempt to say the word “irreparably” 40,000 times in a row than listen to McCarver utter one more word. Does anyone enjoy his work? Anyone? Have you ever heard anyone say they’re a big Tim McCarver fan? Ever?