Burning Question

How is the product pronounced eaxactly? Glacks? Glaces? Preferably it’s with the hard “a” as that most likely simulates the sound your esophagus makes while consuming.

Unexpected Bonus

Virtual reality app featuring sugar cube mascot (Gotta respect Golden Foods just cutting to the chase there.) named after a catchphrase from a wacky 90’s sitcom neighbor.

Questionable Design Choice

The double dots enclosing the word cereal. It’s as if Golden Foods’ lawyers, after an illuminating conference call with the FDA, asked the graphic designer if she could “put something that looks like quotation marks” around that particular word for, “you know… legal reasons.”

Appropriately Priced?

$1.49 might be a little on the steep side considering the risk/reward ratio is heavily skewed by the scotch tape securing the “summit” of the box.