Burning Question

What in the hell is scungilli? Apparently, it’s a kind seafood and not a type of foot fungus you developed in college because you refused to wear flip flops in the public shower. Scungilli is most commonly used in italian seafood salads and is comprised of any type of large sea snail, such as whelks, that have been chopped up into small pieces. This dovetails nicely into the next line of inquiry, what in the hell is a whelk?

Unexpected Bonus

The product offered here is “Original” scungilli instead of “New” scungilli which we all know was whipped up by those jerks in marketing to ultimately drive a frenzied demand for “Classic” scungilli when it was eventually re-released.

Questionable Design Choice

I think trying to depict the product in any way on the can was probably a miscalculation.

Appropriately Priced?

$1.00 for canned sea snails seems a bit pricey considering the product I just described uses the terminology “canned sea snails” as its main selling point.