Questionable Packaging Design Choice

The white circle indicating where specifically on your body you might be experiencing diarrhea seems unnecessary. Although, its placement in tandem with the callout text “Rapidly Restores Normal Function” might give some middle-aged men false hope they’ll no longer have to deal with mail-order pharmacies in Canada.

Burning Question

Why are Australia, Papa New Guinea, and half of Indonesia the only countries being singled out for their toughness and implied intestinal distress?

Unexpected Bonus

It feels good to know that my local discount grocer (which is not Giant OR Martins) has implicit trust in me as a customer. By not removing the “Intended for Sale” sticker, they’re counting on me to NOT call the provided toll-free number and rat them out for buying their medical remedies off the back of a flatbed at a flea market. I like that we have that kind of understanding in our store/patron relationship.

Appropriately Priced?

This item did not have a price sticker, but I can only assume that if your first stop for medical relief during your recent bout of explosive diarrhea is the discount grocer, its perceived value will most likely meet your expectations.