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Convenience Store Interrogatives

Because Diabetes. The answer to the question you are posing is, “Because diabetes.”

Discount Grocery Item of the Day – Original Scungilli

The answer to the question, “What do you think would be in a chafing dish on Fridays in hell’s cafeteria?”

Two Girls, Two Guys, 4 Plastic Cups

This weekend my wife and I went out on the town with some good friends. Being…

Triple-Bypass Burger

Inside a 5 Guys Product Development Meeting Executive #1: Our CEO has tasked us with expanding…


As a kid, when no one was looking, I used to pour “Sugar in the Raw”…

“Pork Chops and Applesauce”

I’ve got to admit… I dig on swine baby.

Potato Nirvana

Today I’m going to do something just for you. I’m going to do something that’s going…

M and an additional M

Remember when getting a green M&M meant something special? No… wait… me neither.


You either love ’em, or hate ’em. I love ’em. If you throw in some bacon,…

Silly Rabbit

Trix are for kids. And 33-year-olds. But definitely not rabbits, that just makes no sense at…