…Ryan Seacrest, really, I mean what’s the big deal. I admit, I’m not a regular viewer of American Idol (Not being a 14 year-old-girl hurts me somewhat in this respect), but the snippets I have seen of Ryan in action don’t differentiate him from any of the other Abecrombie & Fitch types who host reality TV shows.

Is there really a ground swell out there for more Seacrest? Do the echoes of “Three nights of Seacrest a week are not enough!” emanate from the hearts of pre-pubescent girls everywhere? I thought all of their love was reserved for the pseudo-male they call ‘Clay.’

In Season 1 of AI, in the inane commenting category I thought it was a dead-heat between he and deposed co-host Brian Dunkelman. I turns out being prettier really does matter. I mean, it’s not like he’s a talented on-air personality on the scale of a Carson Daly or anything….uh….well….

Ryan Seacrest – The New King of all Media?