So, because its all the rage these days is to peg all-American cult member Tom Cruise as “bat-shit insane” (a highly technical term) here’s how news editors stretch to frame stories to support this eyeball-catching theory. This is not to say I don’t think good ol’ Maverick is a little off his rocker these days. After the re-shuffle, a few cards have obviously fallen out of the deck if you know what I mean. I’m just trying to showcase the desperate craving we, as a society, have for entertainment news/dirt.

The title of this Reuters story is “Tom Cruise says he believes in aliens.”

You read that headline as constituted and you say to yourself, “Whoa, Tom has really dropped off the deep end. Not only did he drink the Kool-Aid, he opened up the ready-mix packets and poured them directly down into his gullet!”

When you actually read the story, which I’m sure only the most superficial of us do, you find out that he responded in such a way that suggests Tom believes that there is other life out in the universe, which I think, is a belief I think a whole lot of we non-crazy folk might actually share.

So in short, which is sexier:

Headline: Tom Cruise Believes Life Beyond Earth Likely
Implication: Who gives a crap? What are Brad and Angelina up to?

Headline: Tom Cruise Believes in Aliens
Implication: Movie star insists invasion from the war-like Meglonians from the Dreyborian Nebula is imminent and must be averted by tin-foiling strategically placed Krispy Kreme franchises.

All that being said, that guy is seriously messed up. Where is Pacey when you need him?