A few months ago I posted an entry about the new daytime talker hosted by everybody’s favorite sitcom Tony, Tony Danza. The name of the post was “ExtravaDanza.” It now appears as though the Tony Danza Show now features a “Plinko-style” game on their program. Guess what they called it?

That’s right, Extravadanza.

In a staggering turn of events, guess who shows up as the numero uno result in a Google search for the word extravadanza?

That’s right, my dinky little site.

Subsequently, I’ve been getting emails from loyal viewers of Tony’s talk show on how they should go about applying to play the previously-mentioned Plinko-esque game. This, to me, begs a few questions:

1. There are people out there who actually watch The Tony Danza Show and are subsequently motivated enough by its entertainment value to try (unsuccessfully I might add) finding its web site?

2. Are Bob Barker’s CBS lawyers too busy fending off sexual harassment claims and getting their pets neutered to sue for copyright infringement?

3. Is there any way someone could read my original post and think “Hey, this is the person I should be asking about the show?”

So, if you’re dead-set on playing Extravadanza, please click here, the nice folks at Buena Vista Entertainment will be able to help you out with that. But I would still highly recommend trying Plinko first. Because as I’ve stated before, c’mon admit it…. everybody digs Plinko.