It’s nice to see that Hollywood is becoming more sensitive to audiences of all types. There is definitely a warming trend towards rewarding deserving actors, with significant physical limitations, with roles on major network television series. For example, on FOX Wednesday nights you can see Peter Gallagher gamely portray quirky Dad Sandy Cohen on The O.C.

Gallagher bravely performs his role, all the while inflicted with Eyebrow Engorgement Disorder, (E.E.D.) Once relegated to demeaning movie roles such as a ‘the man in a coma‘ or ‘creepy elder real estate mogul in an Oscar winner‘, Gallagher can now truly showcase his dynamic range of arching and furrowing skills in a weekly television drama.

Formerly, television actors afflicted with E.E.D. were banished to the likes of the WB. David Gallagher (Strangely enough, no relation to Peter) of the WB’s 7th Heaven battled E.E.D. throughout his awkward teenage transition stage. For years, David fought against the rumors of caterpillar implants and brow heightening surgery before finally giving up the cruel mistress of the stage to attend college.

Hopefully, Hollywood will continue to support and recognize the grooming-challenged, so we won’t lose another David Gallagher to the realm of academia. We won’t truly know we’ve won this discriminatory war until the day Bert finally lofts that much-deserved Emmy over his unibrowed head!