Recently, my cozy little hometown bank merged with another cozy little hometown bank and a huge man-eating metro bank.

I’m not an alarmist… at least that’s what my support group tells me. I’m willing to give the newly-dubbed New Alliance Bank a fighting chance to retain my business.

The new name gave me some hope. I can imagine the world’s shortest strategic planning meeting being held.

Senior VP of Marketing: All right people, we’re here to brainstorm for the new corporate identity of our bank. Bob, you’re up, whadda ya got?

Bob: Well since it’s a new alliance of three banks..

Senior VP of Marketing: Hold it right there, Bob, you nailed it! New Alliance! All right, ideas for lunch? Anyone up for Quiznos?

Unfortunately, the way in which the new proprietors have gone about changing the bank’s signage has me a teensy bit worried.

Instead of waiting until new signs have come in, they decided to hood the existing signs with temporary coverings.

I don’t know about you, but nothing says trust, professionalism, and integrity quite like a rumpled all-weather baggie.

Let’s not be quick to judge. These bank mergers are so speedy, they only take YEARS to finalize. What sane person could have had the foresight to order signs in advance?

If this sign issue is offering insight into the new bank’s decision-making process, there really isn’t a positive scenario here.

A. These ‘diaper-like’ coverings are temporary until new signs come in, in the process becoming disheveled symbols of corporate waste disguised as proactive marketing.


B. The coverings are…(shudder)…permanent.

Either way, there had to be a conversation within the marketing department that ended with the phrase, “See I told you, they don’t look that bad.”