Now that Virgin Mary sightings are in vogue again, (culminating in last year’s spectacular auctioning-off of the blessed half-eaten Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich on eBay) it’s time for the boys in Vegas to get involved.

Here are Sin City’s current odds on where the holy mother will appear next.

  • Rush Limbaugh’s lower back – 300 to 1
  • The Olsen Twins’ Spring transcripts from NYU (either individually or simultaneously) – 187,000 to 1
  • Anywhere in Brazil – 5 to 2
  • Hidden in the liner notes of Ron Artest’s CD – 36,000 to 1
  • In a can of tuna on the latest episode of MTV’s Newlyweds – Even Money
  • Non-descript cactus in Arizona – 423 to 1
  • In the right-hand corner of your Mom’s digital photo she took of her Weimaraner wearing a sweater – 6 to 1