I am ordering Chinese food from the place down near Blimpies and Dunkin’ Donuts. If you would like to partake, here is the Ordering Chinese Food FAQ for this afternoon:

“Do you have a menu I can peruse?”
No. But I’m pretty sure their menu looks like every other Chinese take out menu in the world ever created…ever. They have the typical lunch specials that come with an egg roll and your choice of white or fried rice for around $4.95 – $5.95. So if you need to reference a menu, maybe ordering Chinese is not in the cards for you today.

“Who should I get my order to?”
Yours truly by 11:30 am-ish for pickup at 12:00 pm-ish.

“Do you know you inadvertently spelled Amish with your hyphenated non-word above?”
I wasn’t aware, no.

“Do I need cash and who should I give it to?
Yes and that would be me again.

“What if I have special dietary needs?”
You probably should have brought a salad.

“Do you personally know any Amish people? They’re so fascinating.”
Only Jebediah Stolzfus, but I only used to see him once a week at pilates.