Thanks to Dupont and their ‘ Search for the Greatest Grilled Cheese Sandwich in America Contest,’ we’ll definitively know the answer to the age old question, “Is with or without crust better?”    Personally, I’m rooting for Grilled Ham and Provolone Cheese on Texas Toast, but that’s just me.

This contest begs the question, why would one of the world’s largest manufacturers of chemicals care so much about the food of choice for five-year olds and adults high on pot?  Perhaps it’s because Dupont makes Teflon, the substance applied to the pans on which 99.8% of all grilled cheese are made.  The other .2 percent accounts for sandwiches grilled on the manifold of Dom DeLuise’s 1984 Chevy Suburban.  By the way, Dom’s looking for work…and a place to crash.  You know it’s bad when Burt Reynolds stopped returning your calls 17 years ago.

Some would call it unfortunate that in the very same month Dupont tries to launch this corporate-driven warm and fuzzy slice of Americana they also get taken to task by the US Environmental Protection Agency for allegedly withholding evidence that a chemical used to make Teflon endangers Dupont’s own employees and possibly the public at large.

It kind of puts a new perspective on the eerily-orange cheese oozing out of the sandwich on the home page of the contest.